Luke Singham

Dual Booting Ubuntu and Windows 10 on a Dell XPS 13

My Setup: Dell XPS 13-9360 + Windows 10

Aim - Get Ubuntu on the machine.

Essentially, follow these instructions with two key modifications.

  1. You should be able to get away with switching from RAID to AHCI without re-imaging windows using these instuctions.
  2. Disable Bitlocker - this is crucial! The first time I ran this... I didn't complete this step which led me to screwing up my Windows 10 installation.

I neglected Step 2. If the boot priority is Ubuntu first (i.e. Grub) then Ubuntu loads fine. However, windows doesn't load as the Bitlocker detects a change to the BIOS and will require a code to unlock it which, if you're like me, you probably don't have.

I did try running through the boot-repair tool from Ubuntu but kept facing the GPT detected... error.

Solution: I use the BIOS boot priority to change the operating system. Now both Win10 and Ubuntu are running on my machine.

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