Luke Singham

  1. Startup Reflections

    After 12 months of working on a startup and failing to get traction. These are a collection of hard lessons learnt.... read more

  2. How to find a co-founder

    Having found a co-founder twice. I formed a process that worked for me. Here is how I did it.... read more

  3. An introduction to Monzo’s data stack

    The modern data stack is a collection of rapidly evolving technologies that together provide a platform for analytics. While we at Monzo already have quite a modern data stack, there is always more to learn and room for improvement. This post summarises the core components of our modern data platform... read more

  4. 8 Reasons Why Signal is Better than Telegram

    If you decided it's time to dump Whatsapp and are choosing a better messaging app, then you're likely choosing between Signal and Telegram. Here's why Signal is superior to Telegram... read more

  5. Goodbye Whatsapp - Hello Signal

    With the update to Whatsapp's i.e. Facebook's terms and conditions forcing even more data overreach, the time has come to say goodbye to Whatsapp... read more

  6. Grokking Algorithms - Summary

    Grokking Algorithms is a beautifully formatted book that explains complex material simply using pictures, analogies and high level practical explanations. This post is a review and summary of the Grokking Algorithms book.... read more

  7. The Pragmatic Programmer - Review

    A 2020 review of the classic software engineering management book.... read more

  8. Go Tour Summary

    These are my summary notes of 'A Tour of Go' - which is meant for people who are familiar with programming to have a quick tour... read more

  9. The Mythical Man Month - Review

    A 2020 review of the classic software engineering management book.... read more

  10. The Best Self-Hosted RSS Feed Readers

    What's the best open source RSS feed reader to use on your self-hosted setup?... read more

  11. How to Setup a Ubiquiti Access Point

    How to setup a Ubiquiti Access Point to resolve Wifi deadzones. And, how to avoid some mistakes in setting it up.... read more

  12. A Review and Summary of the Javascript30 Course

    For someone with some programming experience and understanding who wants to focus on improving JavaScript skills, working with the APIs and developing with the browser this is a fantastic course.... read more

  13. Setting up Pi-Hole on a Raspberry Pi Zero W using SSH

    Block all advertisements for all devices on my home WiFi network... read more

  14. How to Make a Churn Model in R

    The following post details how to make a churn model in R. It was part of an interview process for which a take home assignment was one of... read more

  15. How to Deploy Plotly's Dash using Shinyproxy

    In a previous post I established that I could easily deploy a 'Hello World' web application using Shinyproxy. Therefore, I thought... read more

  16. How to Use Shiny Containers with Shinyproxy

    Setup shinyproxy as a production level way of deploying multiple containerised shiny apps with authentication. Additionally I'll... read more

  17. Dual Booting Ubuntu and Windows 10 on a Dell XPS 13

    Get Ubuntu on the machine... read more

  18. Anonymous Functions in R and Python

    A simple introduction and comparison of normal and anonymous functions in R and Python. Anonymous Functions also known as lambdas have no identity, no name, but still do stuff! They do not live in the global environment.... read more

  19. Shiny (R) Web App Performance - Profiling

    Introduced at the 2016 R conference, the profvis package offers a visual way of inspecting the call stack and highlights the most memory…... read more

  20. Binary Classification in Python - Who's Going to Leave Next?

    This post goes through a binary classification problem with Python's machine learning library scikit-learn.... read more

  21. Rooting a Oneplus 3T Phone

    I recently rooted my Oneplus 3T phone on Android 7.1.1. Finding the right information was not as easy as I thought it might be, so here's…... read more

  22. Benchmarking the Performance of R Code

    To assess the performance of R code there's a great little package called microbenchmark. I was particularly interested in the performance increase of a shiny application... read more

  23. How to Stop R Projects and Scripts Breaking

    A how-to in getting started with Package Management in R... read more

  24. Map of Australia Using OpenStreetMaps, PSMA, R and Leaflet.js

    Aim: To use GNAF (Geocoded National Address File) data to display the adminstrative boundaries (e.g. States) on top of Open Street Maps... read more

  25. A Quick Look into Stamp Duties & Land Taxes

    Stamp duties are a transaction tax. Prior to the digital era, the transfer of legal ownership presented a convenient time for governments to levy a tax. Upon the transfer of ownership a stamp duty was paid and the relevant transfer of ownership document was either stamped... read more

  26. Post War but not Post Confict

    What happened in Sri Lanka was a major Rwanda-like atrocity, in a different scale, where the West didn't care. There was plenty of early warning. This conflict has been going on for years and decades. Plenty of things could have been done to prevent it. But there was not enough interest... read more

  27. How to Make a Wordcloud Using R

    Recently I have been using R for some basic data visualisations, outputs like word clouds and heat maps. I don't have a programming background so upon first look the R command line based environment can seem a little daunting. However, the ease at which I have been able to create some pretty amazing outputs with very little code has surprised me... read more